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Fake Names and Fuzzy Faces

by Tandy Hammond

Often I’ve been asked for a story.  A story of a child we’ve helped.  People say a story is a very compelling way to move the community into helping a cause and I believe they are right. When we see a man on the side of the street it becomes a habit to walk by […]

CASL News : 09.25.13

by South Lake Admin

WE HAVE MOVED!… now what? First of all, let’s just say: “WOW” … So many people showed up last Sunday afternoon to help with the move, it was overwhelming.  Saying ‘Thanks’ would imply that you guys did this for us, but the beauty of it is that we did it for one another, for us […]

CASL News : 09.17.13

by South Lake Admin

MOVING DAY!!!  |  September 22nd Our first worship gathering at our new facility will be September 29th, which makes this Sunday MOVING DAY! Please join the church family this Sunday, September 22nd, at the current buildings so that we can get the move done together.  We have rented a couple of trucks and we will […]

UPDATE!!! – Things Happened =(

by South Lake Admin

We should feel sad about this, but by now we are getting used to it.  Pastor Brian mentioned on Sunday that we were aiming at being in the new building on the 22nd, but we were never sure, since “things happen.”  Well… things happened outside of our control and so we had to push back […]

CASL News : 09.09.13

by South Lake Admin

Location, Location, Location… As Pastor Brian shared this past Sunday, our plan is to have our first service at the new location on September 22nd.  However, he also mentioned that “things happen,” so it all depends on everything staying on schedule and getting our C.O. (Certificate of Occupancy) without problems.  If we get our C.O. […]