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Coping With Tragic Events

by Cesar Perez

The recent tragic events that occurred in Orlando have left our whole country in great emotional distress.  There are many questions that we want answered, and there is a great mix of emotions we experience, from sadness, to sorrow, to anger, fear and despair.  As Paul was faced with the reality of death, he encouraged the church […]

Ways To Serve Our Neighbors In Orlando

by Reece Mashaw

Our church family joins with our neighbors in Orlando mourning the heartbreaking events of this past weekend. With the violent shooting of singer Christina Grimmie and the mass shootings at Pulse nightclub this past weekend, our prayers are with the victims and their families. Below is a brief list of ways you can serve our neighbors […]

Response To Orlando Shooting

by South Lake Admin

AN OPEN LETTER FROM PASTOR BRIAN TO OUR CHURCH FAMILY Over the past few days, I have been asked many times, “What is your response to the attack in Orlando?” While I understand the question on one hand, I am also saddened that the question even has to be asked. In the Old Testament, the Bible […]