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Step Into The Mud

by Cesar Perez

In professional counseling, it is said that the most important agent of change is the quality of the therapeutic relationship. In other words, the level of trust and safety provided by the relationship between the therapist and the client is more important than the therapeutic style or interventions. This makes sense.  We were created to […]

Thanksgiving 2013

by Tandy Hammond

Thanksgiving Break is only 35 days away and there are many children in our area who will not experience the joy and comfort of eating while at home.  The Church at South Lake and Buses n’ Backpacks would like to ensure that we lean in and help where we can make a difference. This Thanksgiving […]

Fake Names and Fuzzy Faces

by Tandy Hammond

Often I’ve been asked for a story.  A story of a child we’ve helped.  People say a story is a very compelling way to move the community into helping a cause and I believe they are right. When we see a man on the side of the street it becomes a habit to walk by […]

Family Vacation

by Cesar Perez

What a great time was had by all! Our first South Lake Family Vacation was a big success, and not even the one rainy afternoon could stop us.  Besides enjoying the ocean and pools, we learned the art of sand flea hunting, got some ultimate frisbee action, built sand castles with the kids, became one with […]

The Things We Do For Community… Even if that community speaks Klingon, wears skin-tight costumes in public, and carries the rank of lieutenant on an imaginary starship

by Reece Mashaw

So, I’m going to make a pretty big confession here. I’m a recovering “Trekky”(or Star Trek fan, for those of you too cool to know such things).  I hesitate to say this because I know what immediately jumped into your minds – the freaky, geeked-out dudes in costumes arguing whether Geordi was a better engineer […]