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Family Vacation

by Cesar Perez

What a great time was had by all! Our first South Lake Family Vacation was a big success, and not even the one rainy afternoon could stop us.  Besides enjoying the ocean and pools, we learned the art of sand flea hunting, got some ultimate frisbee action, built sand castles with the kids, became one with […]

Preschool Graduations :: Thoughts on God’s joy in us

by Reece Mashaw

Every year our church hosts the graduation ceremonies for the Preschool next door. And every year I am amazed at the insane level of enthusiasm in the room. Parents start showing up, as early as, two hours before the ceremony hoping to secure a good seat for pictures. There are tripods being set up at […]

Castles Made Of Sand :: When Parenting Meets Life-Planning…

by Reece Mashaw

Last summer we took a spontaneous two-day trip to the beach. It was a desperately needed break from our other responsibilities to focus on our, too often neglected, yet critically important, relationships within our own family. One of my favorite memories from the trip revolved around the classic family activity of sandcastle building. An activity […]

Parental Advisory :: This Book Contains Explicit and Violent Scenes

by Reece Mashaw

Yesterday I was in the middle of my normal morning routine… shower, clothes, brushing teeth, flossing (eh, who am I kidding… I floss, like, twice a year). Anyway, the TODAY show was on, as usual. And I hear a little knock on the door and Gavin walks in, “Daddy, can you tie my shoes?” Which […]