Identity In Christ

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The Spiritual Discipline Of Trash Collection

by Reece Mashaw

Back in my college days I was a part of a scholarship “ministry team.” Which should let you know that I went to a Christian school, since nobody else gives you scholarships for “ministry.” The specific team I was on was called YouthQuest, which sounds really lame but it was actually pretty awesome. We traveled […]

Preschool Graduations :: Thoughts on God’s joy in us

by Reece Mashaw

Every year our church hosts the graduation ceremonies for the Preschool next door. And every year I am amazed at the insane level of enthusiasm in the room. Parents start showing up, as early as, two hours before the ceremony hoping to secure a good seat for pictures. There are tripods being set up at […]

The Death Of Robin :: How Grace Killed My Dreams…

by Reece Mashaw

As a kid, I always had a very active imagination. I could entertain myself for hours, with nothing more than my own thoughts.  Sometimes creating alternate realities where the fate of the world would ultimately depend on my hand-to-hand martial arts combat skills. Or I’d be heading up some rock band that I single-handedly propelled […]