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Relief For Haiti

by Reece Mashaw

If you would like to give to relief efforts in Haiti, we have several missionaries/organizations on the field associated with our church. We invite you to donate to one or more of these agencies. They have feet on the ground, and we trust that God is using them to make a difference in the communities […]

Response To Orlando Shooting

by South Lake Admin

AN OPEN LETTER FROM PASTOR BRIAN TO OUR CHURCH FAMILY Over the past few days, I have been asked many times, “What is your response to the attack in Orlando?” While I understand the question on one hand, I am also saddened that the question even has to be asked. In the Old Testament, the Bible […]

Thanksgiving 2013

by Tandy Hammond

Thanksgiving Break is only 35 days away and there are many children in our area who will not experience the joy and comfort of eating while at home.  The Church at South Lake and Buses n’ Backpacks would like to ensure that we lean in and help where we can make a difference. This Thanksgiving […]

Fake Names and Fuzzy Faces

by Tandy Hammond

Often I’ve been asked for a story.  A story of a child we’ve helped.  People say a story is a very compelling way to move the community into helping a cause and I believe they are right. When we see a man on the side of the street it becomes a habit to walk by […]

The Art of Planting

by Cesar Perez

Last Saturday many in our church came together to dig in the soil and plant over 500 bushes at the new building site.  It was an incredible time of working together as a family to set these tiny trees in the ground and cover the surrounding areas with mulch.  Over 80 people from our church […]

Serving OKC

by South Lake Admin

If you are looking for a way to help serve those affected by the tornadoes in Oklahoma, consider donating to SBC Disaster Relief. They are currently directing all donated funds directly to the relief efforts in Oklahoma. And you can be assured that all of the funds donated to SBC Disaster Relief, 100% goes directly […]

The Spiritual Discipline Of Trash Collection

by Reece Mashaw

Back in my college days I was a part of a scholarship “ministry team.” Which should let you know that I went to a Christian school, since nobody else gives you scholarships for “ministry.” The specific team I was on was called YouthQuest, which sounds really lame but it was actually pretty awesome. We traveled […]