Spiritual Growth

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Fear to Speak to One

by Cesar Perez

There’s a guy…  and this guy, let me tell you… he’s done quite a bit.  For all he’s done, he has received many, many awards, too many to list them all in here, but let me mention at least three of his decorations.  In 1963, he was awarded the United State’s highest civilian award, namely, […]

Cleaning House :: The way not to grow…

by Reece Mashaw

Every time Erin and I clean the house we end up silently criticizing each other. Eventually that silent criticism takes on new life when I open my stupid mouth and give it a voice. It has happened more times than I can remember since early on in our marriage. At some point I will say […]

Allergies, Needle Anxiety & Growth

by Reece Mashaw

For the past couple of weeks, each bright, new, hopeful morning has been accompanied by the misery of itchy, swollen eyes, mucousy coughs, unrelenting sneezing and a runny nose that flows like the Euphrates. This isn’t new for me, in fact, for most of my life I have suffered under the tyrannous reign of allergens. […]