South Lake Kids wants to partner with parents to equip and train their children to love God, love others and live with purpose.  We offer our Sunday program during all of our Sunday Gatherings.


When a child gets checked in by their parents, they will receive a personalized name tag with their name, their parent’s name, their date of birth, allergies/health concerns and ID number. An ID tag with their child’s name and number will also be given to the parents. At the time of departure, parents MUST present the ID tag in order to pick up their child. Once the numbers have been matched, the child may be released to their parents.

FIRST TIME FAMILIES are required to fill out a Visitor Registration Form so we are aware of any allergies or health concerns. You can find this at the Children’s Ministry Check-in Desk or the First Time Families Desk in the foyer. [Please be sure that all diaper bags, cups, etc. are clearly labeled at the time of check-in.]



In this department, children are placed in a classroom based on age and development. We strive to maintain fun and nurturing environments, without allowing any classroom to become too crowded. Little ones in this age group may be in one of two different rooms, based on the number of children and volunteers in each room. Our classes are divided into the following groups:

THE ELEPHANT ROOM (Newborn – Crawlers)     THE GIRAFFE ROOM (Walkers-2 years)

Anyone who shows visible signs of illness cannot be allowed into the classrooms.  All parents are asked when in doubt to apply the “Golden Rule” in order to protect the health of everyone.

In order to assist us in giving your child the best possible care, we encourage you to communicate with your child’s caregiver.  Please tell them whether he or she usually eats or sleeps during this time and make sure they are aware of any allergies or other relevant medical information pertaining to your child.

PRESCHOOL (2 yrs > 5 yrs)

Children in this age group are promoted to the next class in August, provided their birthdate is within the September 1st cutoff required by most schools. Our classes are divided into the following age groups:

THE KANGA ROOM (2 year olds)     THE OWL ROOM (3-4 year olds)     THE HORSE ROOM (VPK)


We use MY FIRST LOOK for our Preschool Classes.  This curriculum uses the following key strategies:

Repeats one key truth (Bottom Line) all month long.

Helps a child by age five believe:

  1. God Made Me
  2. God Loves Me
  3. Jesus Wants to be My Friend Forever

Encourages children to talk to God any time, any place.

A weekly “PARENT CUE” card provides parents with ideas for conversation with their child at home.


Children in this age group will be promoted to the next grade level each August.  Our K-5th graders meet in one large group for worship in music and storytelling and then are divided into small groups. As a part of a small group, our children meet with a regular small group leader who is committed to reinforcing the same principles that parents are teaching at home. In order for children to benefit from this environment we encourage parents to choose a service, so that their child will have the opportunity to build relationships and community.


We use 252BASICS in our K-5th grade classes. 252 Basics is a unique approach to curriculum. It is built around three Basic Truths every child should embrace according to what Jesus modeled in Luke 2:52.

  1. I need to make the wise choice
  2. I can trust God no matter what
  3. I should treat others the way I want to be treated

Each BASIC TRUTH is amplified by a weekly key concept and systematically taught over a three-year track. The curriculum includes 150 BIBLE STORIES and is based on a CORE VIRTUE and MEMORY VERSE as the framework for each month.

The Elementary Curriculum has three compoments, each targeted to a particular type of learning and relational environment.

PLUG IN (Small Groups, 10-15 Minutes)
Plug in is an environment designed to give children individualized attention from their Small Group Leader and plenty of interaction with a small group of peers.

POWER UP (Large Group, 20 Minutes)
Power Up is designed to engage children in worship within a large group setting. Music, prayer, and an innovative approach to the Bible Story are always a part of this interactive time.

CATCH ON (Small Groups, 25 Minutes)
Catch On is designed to help kids understand how the day’s topic applies to them. They will discuss real-life experiences, interact with a close-knit group of peers, and participate in a variety of activities that appeal to different learning styles.


PARENT CUE (for parents) A weekly update for parents that gives them the Core Virtue, Key Verse, Bottom Line (key concept) and a preview of the next week’s session.

GOD TIME (for kids) The God Time sheets are given to children each month to focus their attention as they spend time reading the Bible and talking to God at home. This is a great way for families to cultivate the habit of consistently spending time with God.


If we need to contact a parent during the service for any reason, an orange box will appear at the bottom of the screen, which will display their child’s ID number.

Screening is required for all of our volunteers working with minors. Each volunteer is required to complete an application and give signed authorization for a Criminal Records Check.

It is the desire of South Lake Kids to create an environment that is safe and secure for all children. We are prepared to take an active role in recognizing and reporting possible signs of child abuse, should we encounter them.


If you are interested in making a difference supporting families and children, you should consider volunteering.  Most of our volunteers contribute two Sundays per month, during one service only.  This means each child has a team of teachers to care for them, instead of one over-extended individual.  We also know that not everyone was built to be a teacher.  There are a variety of different places to contribute and, no matter what your personal strengths and spiritual gifts are, we can find a perfect fit for you. To get involved contact: Gabe Girdner