Here at the Church at South Lake we believe that teenagers are some of the most incredible individuals that God has brought into His story! During these incredibly formative years, our goal at South Lake Students is to partner with parents in pursuing the Gospel with our teens, pointing them towards the cross and inspiring them to follow Jesus wherever he leads.


High School- Sunday Nights at 5:00 PM

Middle School- Wednesday Nights at 6:30 PM


South Lake Students is a group of leaders and students who are passionate about Jesus and reaching the next generation with the Gospel! Our hope is to walk with students as they grow in their relationship with Christ, encouraging them to be a source of light and hope to their peers.


FUN: We believe that God created us to thrive in life and to enjoy spending time with those around us! Each week students will have the opportunity to engage in games and activities with one another.

WORSHIP: Our weekly meetings are built around a genuine time of worship led by our student band and one of our speakers. Throughout the year we will be diving into the Bible and discovering what God has to say about a multitude of situations and topics.

PURPOSE: Our focus is not just to provide a night of fun (although we will certainly do a lot of that!) but to encourage students to engage in a life-changing relationship with God. Students will have the opportunity to build deep friendships in age-specific small groups, serve both locally and globally with mission projects throughout the year, and utilize their gifts and passions to inspire and display the Gospel to their peers.


If you are interested in serving with South Lake Students, we would love to have you on our team! There are many opportunities for adults and students to get connected: Small Group Leader, Musician, Café Coach, etc…. There is only one simple step you need to take: click the button below!

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