Theology of Art

Why are the arts important to church worship? First of all, we believe that God is the greatest of all artists.  We see his artistic hand in his unique and beautiful creation, we see it in the carefully crafted poetry, song and narrative stories contained in His written Word and we see it in the way that he distinctively fashioned his Church to be a compelling fusion of various gifts and talents. And because we believe that God is an artistic and creative God, we also believe that he desires to use art and creativity for His glory and has purposefully given creative abilities to us so that we may employ them for this purpose.

Secondly, we believe that creativity connects with people.  Throughout history, Christian and secular, art has always reached into and connected with the human heart in a way that words alone could not. Our dance director, Amanda Mendoza once said, in response to the question “Why dance?”;  “When I don’t have words… I dance.” And I could not put it better. Artists have always used their paintings, photographs, songs, dances, poems, plays, etc… to express what was otherwise inexpressible. To reveal the truth behind truth. And so, we believe that art has the capacity to communicate truth and meaning to the human heart in a particularly compelling way.

Therefore, we, as artists, offer our gifts and talents, in worship, to our immensely creative God so that He may use them as vehicles for His Spirit to communicate and connect to the hearts of people.


Music has an undeniable power to tap into the heart and soul more than words alone ever could.  And when we join together as a community of faith and sing with one voice to our God, something beautiful happens, both around us and inside of us.  Our music teams play and sing in such a way that both leads and gets out of the way, so that the worship choir (our church) may engage in these times of spiritual connection with God.  While musical excellence is important to us, our desire is that we would also be the kind of worship leaders that live what we sing.  That we would worship on and off of the stage, with our songs and with our lives (Rom. 12:1).

As far as song selection and musical style – We seek bring an eclectic mix of musical styles to our worship gatherings. On most Sundays the general style of music is rock and will include newer modern songs as well as new arrangements of old hymns. All of the music will be centered around who God is and what He has done for us and will be reflective of the doctrine and beliefs of our Church. For more info on our approach to song selection read “Juxtapostion :: Thoughts on using Hymns in Modern Worship” by Reece Mashaw

There are opportunities for instrumentalists and vocalists, in several different ministries of the church, including Sunday Worship Gatherings, South Lake Kids, and South Lake Students. There is an interview and audition process to volunteer on any of these teams.
Contact: Pedro Mendoza


If you are interested in audio, lighting, computer media or video work, this is the team for you.  There are some basic requirements, but we are always looking for individuals that desire to learn a new skill and enjoy exciting challenges.
Contact: Pedro Mendoza