Sermons from October 2016

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Follow | The Invitation


What are you living to gain? Is it worth what you are choosing to lose? Jesus’ invitation is for us to follow him to a place where we can gain that which we cannot ever lose.

Follow | Crisis Of Faith


Following Jesus eventually leads to a conflict between what God says and what we think. But instead of discouragement this should bring us hope, for it is through these encounters and our response to them that we are able to see truth and experience what otherwise seemed impossible.

Follow | A Church In Community


The tendency of religious people is to make a point, while the goal of a follower of Christ is to make a difference. So how are we to make a difference in this world when the world does not trust Christians? Jesus tells us in John 13 that our credibility rests in one thing: How we love one another.

Follow | Gospel Tension


When Jesus sat at the table with tax collectors, he showed us that he was extremely comfortable with the tension created by spending time with uncomfortable people. He said “It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick.”
Are you ready to receive people that you don’t want to receive, love people that are hard to love, and serve people that are challenging to serve?

Follow | How God Sees Sinners


In John 8 we read of an adulterous woman who is brought before Jesus for judgement. With few words Jesus turns the tables on the accusers while setting the woman free. In this message, Pastor Brian explores how Jesus speaks truth and grace to highlight both guilt and freedom, and how this message applies to us today.