Sermons from January 2017

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Not So Fast


Series: Better – Part: Four
If we fill ourselves up with the stuff from this world, then we will never desire the things of God. That is why in order to have a better faith, we need to have a better hunger.

More Than Friends


Series: Better – Part: Three
God uses human relationships to influence our relationship with Him. So, what kind of friendships are you surrounding yourself with? Are you leveraging your friendships to grow your faith?

Big Faith


Series: Better – Part: One
Although we all have things in our lives that we wish were better, we tend to settle for “normal” because normal is easier. But here is the problem: normal it isn’t working. This is especially true in our spiritual lives when it comes to our FAITH.

Being Satisfied


Today you have the ability to choose that on which you will set your mind for this new year. This, in turn, will greatly determine how fully satisfied in Christ you will be in 2017.