Sermons from February 2017

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The Joy Of Purpose


Series: Chained To Joy – Part: Two
Can purpose outweigh the sorrow of suffering and bring us joy? If so, then the question becomes: What is the purpose?

Chained To Joy


Series: Chained To Joy – Part: One
Pastor Reece introduces our new sermon series titled “Chained To Joy.” In this message we learn of Paul’s reason to have Joy while imprisoned. We learn that the only way to be free is to be chained to Christ.

God, How Could You?


Series: Better – Part: Six
The greatest question of faith is not always about God’s existence, but often about the meaning of suffering. The gospel teaches us, however, that it is in our struggle to endure that we find our ability to believe.

What Can You Do?


Series: Better – Part: Five
Every “Big Faith” story includes moments of tension where acting on what we believe requires us to step outside of where we feel safe. But when Jesus invites us to step into his story and do something that is beyond what we can do, all he is asking is for us to use what we have and do what we are capable of doing, and trust that he will do the rest.