Sermons from April 2017

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Made For More – Part 2


Series: Made For More | Part: Two
In Acts chapter 6 we learn about a man named Stephen whose life was shaped by such a vision that made him willing to die for Jesus. What is the vision that shapes what you chase, live, and die for?

Made For More


Series: Made For More – Part: One
Everyone wants to live a life of significance, but what are the things in life that truly matter?

Love Poured Out


Easter 2017 Message.
The resurrection of Jesus is both a fact to believe and a belief to be experienced. What does it look like to experience today the power of Christ’s resurrection 2000 years ago?

Finding Joy Through Contentment


Series: Chained To Joy – Part: Eight
We’re all searching for a contentment that doesn’t fade over time or change with circumstances. The apostle Paul claims to know the “secret” of how to tap into it. What can we learn from him as we close out our teaching series in the letter to the Philippians?

The Joy Of Pursuit


Series: Chained To Joy – Part: Seven
Many of our pursuits are trivial and leave us the same or worse than when we started. But our pursuit of God brings about joy because it is driven by the assurance of a destination greater than anything we can imagine.