Sermons from May 2017

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Where Is Your God?


We are often confronted with the question, “Where is your God?” It’s a question we hear from across the public sphere—celebrities, leading thinkers, academics, and even our teachers inquire as a way of taunting. But it’s also a question we find ourselves asking in a very personal way at points in our lives: “Where are you, God?”

Just Jump In


Series: Made For More | Part: Five
As we conclude the Made for More message series, what are we to do with this new understanding of what we are made for? We are to be intentional, trust God and one another, and simply jump in.

Made To Share


Series: Made For More | Part: Four
We can never earn God’s grace and forgiveness, because it is He who called us into redemption. But we do have a role in this calling, namely to be ready and devoted to do good in order to share the message of Jesus Christ.

Made To Belong


Series: Made For More | Part: Three
Experiencing all that Jesus has for us involves not only belonging to God first, but also belonging to one another.