Sermons from July 2017

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Rejection And Acceptance


Series: Failing Forward | Part: Five
One of the greatest fears and pains we encounter when it comes to failure is rejection. Is there any hope when it feels like our failure has led us to full and final rejection?

Grace In The Garbage


Series: Failing Forward | Part: Four
The two men dying besides Jesus at the cross show us two different ways to respond to God at our darkest hour: We can dig our heels deeper into darkness and rejection of truth, or we can admit our failure, recognize God’s glory, and plead for his help.

The Tent And The Battlefield


Series: Failing Forward | Part: Three
The army of Israel was paralyzed in the face of Goliath because they only listened to their inner soundtrack of fear. It took a young boy named David to flip the soundtrack from fear to faith in a bigger God.

I’m Going Fishing


Series: Failing Forward | Part: Two
For a Christ follower, failure is not the end of the story, but only part of it. It gives us new opportunities to come to Him and experience his love.

Winners And Losers


Series: Failing Forward | Part: One
We don’t have to fear failure, for we are ultimately victors in Christ. This, however, is hard to live out when we are fixed on things that don’t matter.