Sermons from August 2017

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Mind Wars


Series: iWant | Part: Three
Every action begins with a thought, and Scripture demands that we take our thoughts captive. But how can we do that? Many times we feel as if we are victims of our thoughts, but Christ actually gives us the freedom of choosing on what our minds will focus.

The Truth About Lies


Series: iWant | Part: Two
Since the beginning, the enemy has been working to deceive us, convincing us to believe his lies. One of the most convincing lies he uses to deceive is in what we think we deserve. Do we deserve more? Do we deserve less?

What I Really Want


Series: iWant | Part: One
What do you really want? Do you want your way more than you want what is good? To be happy more than to be whole? To be right more than to know truth? You want what you value, but is what you want based on that which is most valuable?