Sermons from April 2018

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Stand With


Series: Stand | Part: Four
God does not stand with us because we stand with Him; instead, we are able to stand with Him because He stood with us.

Stand For


Series: Stand | Part: Three
Quite often religious people are known more by what they are against than what they are for. Jesus, however, always stood for those that religion stood against. As followers of Jesus, how can we seek the good of the world and still stand righteously before God?

Stand Up


Series: Stand | Part: Two
It seems that these days the only way to stand up for something is by the way of confrontation. But for the believer, standing up for something has more to do with character than confrontation. It is about building up, not tearing down.

Stand Out


Series: Stand | Part: One
At some point in life, each of us will feel compelled to take a stand. Sometimes those stands are popular to make, and other times they are not. As a Christian, how do we know we are standing for the right things, at the right time, in the right way? Through this series “Stand,” we will look at the story of Daniel in the Old Testament to help us answer this question. Here is part one of the series, where Pastor Brian unpacks how as Christians we are called to “Stand Out” in a way that does not draw attention to ourselves, but directs attention to Jesus.

Easter 2018


More than 2,000 years after he was crucified, more than a third of the world’s population are followers of Jesus. Yet many have real reasons and objections that keep them from believing. In his Easter message, Pastor Brian lays out why most of our objections for not following Jesus are almost always unrelated to what Christianity is actually about, and why the message of Easter is the one thing that does away with all of our objections.