Sermons from August 2018

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Grace That Transforms


Series: Christ In You | Part: Four
God’s grace is not only what saves you, but also what continues to change you. So, remember that you alone cannot overcome sin, but Christ in you already has.

Why Christ?


Series: Christ In You | Part: Three
Why is Jesus our hope? He didn’t come to help us make our lives better, but to show us that He holds everything together.

Hide And Seek


Series: Christ In You | Part: Two
When it comes to finding his will, sometimes we may feel as if we are playing a game of hide and seek with God. Is it possible to know God’s will for our lives in all circumstances?

One Word Changes Everything


Series: Christ In You | Part: One
Jesus once told his followers that he was leaving, and it was actually better for them that he leave. But what could be better for a follower of Jesus than actually being with Jesus?