Sermons from September 2018

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Shaped By Faith


In this message, Pastor Brian revisits what he shared with our church 19 years ago at the first anniversary Sunday. Based on the story of Abraham he discusses the characteristics of faith that shaped Abraham’s life, and how they should shape our church as we continue following the plans of God.

Living In The Waiting


You may currently feel that God is slow in answering a prayer or showing you some direction. But such waiting isn’t simply something to be endured, it is part of God’s plan in order to stir something within you.

Life Conversation


Series: Proclaim | Part: Two
We often think that sharing the gospel with others is a difficult task that requires us to know the answers to every possible theological question. In this message, Pastor Don walks us through a life conversation that we can use as a practical method to speak the truth of Jesus with those around us.



Series: Proclaim | Part: One
In proclaiming Jesus to the world, we must begin with the foundation that we are designed with a purpose, and that we are outside of it.

Making The Most


Series: Christ In You | Part: Five
What is a Jesus follower responsible to do with the message of Jesus?  Pastor Brian shared with us some insight about the three things we need to pray and the four things we need to do.