Sermons from October 2018

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To The Mission


Series: Devoted | Part: Four
We can easily be diverted from our right devotion when we confuse ministry and mission. Looking to the future as a church, how do we remind ourselves that our mission is to proclaim the Gospel and make disciples?

To Doing Good


Series: Devoted | Part: Three
Many people and organizations who do not follow Christ can be good-doers when there is good to be done. But what is it that should set us apart as God’s people in doing good for others?

To Gathering


Series: Devoted | Part: One
As we look to the future of our spiritual walk, we must be careful not to casually become devoted to the wrong things, or to things that don’t matter. Here is Pastor Brian’s opening message of the “Devoted” series; a call for the church to be devoted “To Gathering.”