Sermons from December 2018

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Resolution Disillusion


When we set personal resolutions without implementing specific steps, we only experience disillusion at the lack of progress. This is also true in our spiritual goals for growth.

Choosing Joy


Christmas time is supposed to be a time of joy, and yet, many of us have different reasons that make it difficult to be joyful. While joy is a gift of God for the believer, being joyful is still a choice.

Beyond Christmas 2018


Although Christmas time makes most people generous, Christian generosity is a response, not a season. We were designed to be rich in good works by doing good, being generous, and being ready to share.

It’s Not That Simple


Christmas when we are young is pretty simple, but the older we get, life makes things much more complicated, including how we see our relationship with God. So how can we trust God in a season we are having trouble seeing God?