Sermons from February 2019

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What Love Requires


Series: For South Lake | Part: Five
1 Corinthians 13 is the “Love Chapter” that is usually read at weddings to describe how spouses must love each other. But this was written for a bigger audience, it was to teach Christ’s church how to reach the world. And it is through such love that we can show others that God is FOR them.

When Faith Works


Series: For South Lake | Part: Four
The end goal of Love is not to make a point, but to make a difference.  When this becomes our focus, the world can know us by what we are for and not just by what we are against.

Honor Everyone


Series: For South Lake | Part: Three
Are we able to make our faith work through love in a way that does not compromise what Jesus stood for? Yes, because the problem is not so much about what we stand for, but how we stand for it.

Game Changer


Series: For South Lake | Part: Two
Grace is the centerpiece of Christianity. But it does not dumb down the rules, instead, it changes the game and it actually raises the bar.