Sermons from April 2019

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I Am The Bread Of Life


Series: I Am Jesus | Part: One
Jesus revealed his nature when He fed over five thousand people with just a few fish and a couple loaves of bread.  Only a day later some of his disciples go looking for Him, but not because they had seen who He was, but because they wanted their stomachs filled again.  What are you looking for in Jesus?

Easter 2019


The death of Lazarus, accounted in John chapter 11, shows us how Lazarus’ sisters struggled to believe Jesus in the midst of their grief. Just like them, our experiences of the past often cloud what we need to believe about Jesus today. In turn, we often settle with a sort of compromise, namely that Jesus will only change our lives in a distant future in heaven, but not today. But Jesus shows us something different.

More Than A Meal


Series: The Hour | Part: Three
Jesus singled out the last supper with his disciples as one of the events he had earnestly desired before his crucifixion.  Why is this?  What was so significant about the Passover meal that was to happen before his death?

The Heart Of A Thief


Series: The Hour | Part: Two
As Jesus was dying on the cross, he had two thieves next to Him at the end of their own lives. The way they responded to Jesus revealed two different desires, and ultimately two different eternal outcomes.