Sermons from August 2019

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Pigs and Pearls


Being Christian (Part Four) | Brian Hammond – Pastor Brian dives into an often omitted and misunderstood passage from the pulpit in Matthew 7 as he continues the series in “being christian.”

Redemptive Judgment


Series: Being Christian | Part: Two
“Christianity is too judgmental.”  We all have heard that argument as a reason some choose not to follow Jesus.  But what if the real reason many feel that way is not because we ARE judging, but it is that we are judging the WRONG people in the WRONG way?  In the second message in the “Being Christian” series, Pastor Brian explains how choosing to NOT JUDGE each other is actually choosing to NOT LOVE each other.

Defining The Undefined


Series: Being Christian | Part: One
“Christian” is a word that is full of passion, opinions and convictions, drawing some and repelling others.  But how do we define a label that Jesus never used and how do you use that definition to shape our lives to look like Jesus with any kind of consistency among those who believe?  How would Jesus define what “being Christian” looks like?  Pastor Brian answers that question in Part One of the series “Being Christian.”