Sermons from December 2019

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Family Promises


Home For Christmas (Part Three) | Brian Hammond – What does God do with promises to us when we sin against Him? There was someone in Jesus’ family that God promised great things for, and they also made decisions that displeased God.

Family Names


Home For Christmas (Part Two) | Brian Hammond – Too often, we allow labels and reputations to define who a person can be. There was once someone in Jesus’ family who shows that, no matter how the world labels you, God defines you differently.

Family Secrets


Home For Christmas (Part One) | Brian Hammond – Every family has stories they would like to forget. Even Jesus’ family had people you might be surprised were part of his story. But what if the reason they are part of the story is that they are the point of the story.

Godly Riches


Godly Riches | Brian Hammond – God wants us to enjoy all the good things he gives us, but there is a more significant reason why God gives us these good things in the first place.