Sermons from January 2020

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Insiders, Outsiders


Habits (Part Four) | Brian Hammond – Being part of a church develops behaviors that define our life experiences. Mostly affected is the way we interact with those that know Jesus and those that have not experienced a relationship with him.

Closing Loopholes


Habits (Part Three) | Brian Hammond – It is so easy for us to excuse ignoring God’s commands. The religious people in Jesus’ day also did the same, but Jesus teaches us a foundational truth that cannot be sidestepped.

First Things First


Habits (Part Two) | Brian Hammond – Often we find ourselves in circumstances we want to change. How do we face these hard situations when they appear to be beyond our capacity to do anything about them?

Think About It


Habits (Part One) | Brian Hammond – It’s startling how many things we do without even thinking about them. Knowing how we form these routines can reveal what we care about.