Sermons from February 2020

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Who’s To Blame?


James (Part Four) | Brian Hammond – Everyone experiences conflict. Our different ideas and desires create tension that incites quarrels with each other. What pushes us to turn conflicts into fights?

Watch Your Mouth


James (Part Three) | Brian Hammond – We are constantly talking. Every day we share our thoughts in person, in writing, through texts, and especially online. It is easy to forget those words have the power to shape ourselves and the people around us.

Mirrors Don’t Lie


James (Part Two) | Brian Hammond – Hearing God’s word reveals the truth about ourselves. Yet we easily forget that truth because we don’t live God’s word.

Don’t Settle


James (Part One) | Brian Hammond – An important part of accepting Jesus is the salvation he brings. However, we tend to stop there and ignore aspects of the gospel that fulfills and completes our experience of it.