I Am Jesus

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I Am The Vine


Series: I Am Jesus | Part: Four
When Jesus said he was the vine, he also said that we are the branches which are to bear fruit. In this message, Pastor Brian explains how this fruit is both a result and a response of abiding in the vine who is Jesus.

I Am The Way, The Truth, And The Life


Series: I Am Jesus | Part: Three
One of the most polarizing statements Jesus ever made was “I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” Many find this statement to be an offensive and arrogant claim of Christianity, but maybe it is our misunderstanding of who Jesus is that leads us to mischaracterize this statement. Continuing the “I Am Jesus” series, Pastor Brian dives into this statement by first answering the question “Jesus is the way to what?”

I Am The Light of The World


Series: I Am Jesus | Part: Two
We all have parts of us that we would rather keep secret, but Jesus wants to shine his light into all areas of our lives not to shame us, but to set us free.

I Am The Bread Of Life


Series: I Am Jesus | Part: One
Jesus revealed his nature when He fed over five thousand people with just a few fish and a couple loaves of bread.  Only a day later some of his disciples go looking for Him, but not because they had seen who He was, but because they wanted their stomachs filled again.  What are you looking for in Jesus?