SL Kids_subpageHi, parents!  We’d like to let you know about some upcoming changes in our K-5th grade small groups in South Lake Kids!  But before we get to that, we really want to thank you!  Thank you so much for trusting us with your kids!  When you bring your K-5th Graders to South Lake Kids, there are a few things we’re trying to accomplish with them:

  • We are creating a safe place for your kids! Not only do we create an environment that is physically safe for your kids, but  we also work hard to maintain an environment where they feel safe to ask hard questions.  Asking questions and voicing doubts are a crucial part of spiritual growth and development, so we want your kids to know its ok to ask questions!  We’ll do our very best to help them look in the Bible to find the answers they’re looking for!  We want your kids to know they are loved and accepted unconditionally in their small group!
  • We want to partner with you! We know that the most significant influence in the life of a child is their parent!  We want you to know that we’ve got your back!  At best, we get about 40 hours a year to spend with your kids, but even a full-time working parent gets 3000!  We really want to work together WITH you to help your kids learn about God and His BIG story!  Side Note: each week, we send home a GodTime Card and a Parent Cue – these are really great tools to use to help you have meaningful conversations about God and what He wants for us!  As a parent myself, I (Erin) have found that these GodTime Cards have really helped my kids take their relationship with God to heart and it’s helped tremendously in their understanding of the Bible!  Also, BONUS: if your kid brings their completed GodTime Card back the next Sunday, they get a reward!
  • We want to help your kids see themselves as part of the church. We don’t want to raise a generation that thinks everything is all about them – we want to help them to see that the things they do can make a HUGE difference in the world around them.  We want them to know that God has a plan for their lives and that He can use them to change the world!


To really be able to do those things well, we need our “small groups” to actually be…small! Beginning in February, all of our K-5th Graders will be split into smaller groups of 8-10 kids and 1 leader.  These groups will be the same each week so that kids know better what to expect when they come in.  Each group will have a large circle rug and a colored bandana that will help identify their group!  When your child checks in each week, their security tag will designate their Small Group Leader, instead of their grade.  This will make it much easier for you to connect with your child’s leader.


In order for this to work smoothly, there are few things we will need parents to do:

  • Do your very best to try to attend the same service time each week. We want to keep the small groups as consistent as possible so the kids and leaders get very comfortable with each other.  This will help conversations to go much better and deeper!  If your child typically attends small group at 9:30am, they are still welcome to attend at 11:00am; however, they will attend an “On-Deck Group” during 11:00am because their group is at 9:30am.  The On-Deck Groups will still use the same curriculum and attend large group as usual.
  • When you drop off your kids, be sure to walk them all the way into the room to where their circle is. We’d like the leader to be able to make eye- contact with you so they can learn which kids go with which grown ups.  This will also make it much easier to keep the Small Group Leader in “the know” about your kids: new pet at home, sick loved one, upcoming baseball game, etc.  Our leaders want to be another voice and positive influence in the life of your child!  So, don’t be surprised if your child’s Small Group Leader shows up at a ballet recital or soccer game, just to cheer for your child!
  • Be willing to help! Your child’s Small Group Leader will set up a contact list for parents of the kids in the group.  The Small Group Leader will let you know if they need help with anything or if they will be out of town on a Sunday.  In that case, we’d love to have a parent fill in for that Sunday!  Also, let the Small Group Leader know if you’re interested in hosting/chaperoning group events or outings!
  • Please take a moment to send a text message to Erin Mashaw at (352) 255-3668:

                  Your Child’s Name and Grade

                  Which service time your child attends

                  Your Name

                  Additional Parent’s name and number (if applicable)


We are so excited about these new changes and while they may seem daunting, we are completely convinced that this is the right move for our kids and families!   Please feel free to let us know if you have any questions!


Very sincerely,

Erin Mashaw and Jessica Mangal