BNB Icon (Fall) 250x250Thanksgiving Break is only 35 days away and there are many children in our area who will not experience the joy and comfort of eating while at home.  The Church at South Lake and Buses n’ Backpacks would like to ensure that we lean in and help where we can make a difference.

This Thanksgiving we plan on giving several items to local children and their families.  We will provide each family with an 11-14 pound Turkey or 2 chickens.  Plus, each child will get 5 breakfasts, 5 lunches, and 5 dinners.

We can provide all of that food for just $20 per child.

Please consider helping in 3 different ways:

1-    Sponsor a child for $20.  Please click here to donate.  Our deadline to buy food is November 1st.

2-    Come and pack food at our warehouse on November 17th at 2pm.

3-    Give out food with us on November 20th from 10am to 4pm.

Covering these expenses and doing all this work is a very tangible effort in local missions.  We have proven in our past that we have a heart for our neighbor and I am excited that we can continue to make a difference together!

Personally, I am blessed and thankful for many things, and among them are the dedicated volunteers and donors who make what we do possible.

Thank you so much and Happy Thanksgiving,