Our church family joins with our neighbors in Orlando mourning the heartbreaking events of this past weekend. With the violent shooting of singer Christina Grimmie and the mass shootings at Pulse nightclub this past weekend, our prayers are with the victims and their families.

Below is a brief list of ways you can serve our neighbors in Orlando.


As the people of God, we are called to “pray without ceasing” and certainly in a time of great need like this we should be persistent in praying for the victims of the shooting, their families, and their loved ones. Be praying for the city of Orlando as they continue to grieve, process, and wrestle with what’s happened. Be praying for the first responders (law enforcement and medical personnel) as well as the city officials that are working to respond in a way that brings unity to the city. Pray also for the churches that are in the city, that their lights would shine brightly against the darkness of this tragedy as they love and serve, showing the love of Christ to those in need.

Lake County Commissioner, Sean Parks


One Blood is the state agency that handles all blood donations and distributions to hospitals. Victims are undergoing multiple surgeries and stores need to be replenished.

The need is for O positive, O negative, and AB negative blood and plasma donations. Other blood types can donate, but they may be asked to make an appointment at a later time as supplies are limited at all locations. Please review their website if you worry that you might have factors that may preclude you from donating (illness, anemia, recent travel, etc.).

Use this link to find where to donate and set up an appointment or call 1-888-9DONATE (936-6283)


United Against Poverty
United Against Poverty (formerly Community Food and Outreach Center) has become a hub for water and food donations being used to serve those in line to donate blood through One Blood. They need people to help sort the influx of donations and help deliver them, too. Contact their volunteer coordinator at volunteer@communityfoodoutreach.org or call (407) 650-0774 extension 3. Please contact them in advance so they can coordinate their efforts well.


  • United Against Poverty is currently at capacity for donated goods, but continue to check their Facebook Page for any updates.
  • The Center Orlando is currently still accepting nonperishable goods, snacks, and water at their location: The Center, 946 N Mills Ave Orlando 32803.


If you or anyone you know is in current need of clinical or pastoral counseling, please call our church offices at 352-243-1155 and ask to speak with Cesar Perez.  Other places you can contact are:


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