Covenant (Part One)

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  • Rev.michael doanld
    March 10, 2014 7:52 am

    Brian Hammond,
    Dear brother, this is the first exposition on the concept of covenant I have heard among Baptists in my adult lifetime, sadly.
    I find our Creation Charter to be a marital covenant: humanity in unity with the Trinity. The marital theme continues through the Bride of God, Bride of Christ and Marriage supper of the Lamb in the eschaton.
    It seems to me that Dispensational Theology proof texting has seriously undermined Covenant theology; thereby, negating the intimate relational dynamics of our faith and the realization of mutual covenantal obligations. Covenant is not a concept understood in American culture that celebrates self-made millionaires and a cowboy attitude of rugged individualism and self-reliance. However, most millionaires are made by others who bought their product or service and the Lone Ranger had a partner–who was cross-cultural.
    One’s personal development from dependence as a child to independence as an adult is arrested if one does not progress to inherent inter-dependence of our covenantal faith of the scriptures. We are created to be connected to the Trinity, not a cell phone.
    Rev. michael donald, M. Div.


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