iWant (Part Two)

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  • Great message, Brian. As you said, both the “I deserve more” and the “I deserve less” attitudes and beliefs are forms of pride and sin. Most people understand that “thinking more highly of yourself” is prideful sin and that those who are arrogant and boastful are self-centered; but most people do NOT understand that “thinking too little of yourself” is also a form of prideful sin and that those who allow a poor self-image and who are self-critical and self-deprecating are also prideful. Either extreme of thinking too highly of yourself or too little of yourself are forms of self-centeredness. The antidote to both? Think less about ourselves (NOT less “of” ourselves) and more about Christ and about others. The greatest joy comes when we are Christ-centered and others-oriented (not “centered” on others; but centered on Christ; but have an “others” orientation and focus instead of a self-orientation and focus. Thanks for sharing some complex and often misunderstood principles, Brian!


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